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  • A sweet treat for your skin!

Did you know that your skin loves sweet treats? Pamper it with a sugar exfoliating scrub and find out how beautifully soft and smooth it will become.

Here's how to make sweets for your face:

Mix together a level tablespoon of Alnatura raw cane sugar with a tablespoonful of alviana Cleansing Milk Wild Rose. Moisten your face and apply the scrub with a cotton wool pad. Don't use on the area around your eyes or mouth. Then wash your face thoroughly with a generous amount of lukewarm water and dry it carefully. The result – the skin is cleansed, your circulation has improved and your face is now free from dead skin cells. It feels wonderfully soft and smooth.


After the exfoliating scrub, round off the treatment with alviana's Day or Night Cream Organic Wild Rose.


Once to twice a week.

You will need: