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  • Too good to go!

Do you need to cool down but the nearest lake is just too far away? If so, this beauty trick is the perfect solution for an immediate burst of refreshment on hot summer days and is particularly ideal for office rooms with no air conditioning and stuffy top-floor flats and apartments.

Reuse it! Instead of throwing your toner bottle away, give it a new lease of life as a refreshing spray. Simply fill it with water and aloe vera juice and do some good for both the environment and yourself. The aloe vera plant is a true multi-talent that not only cools but also moisturises your skin.

You need:

Preparation method:

Carefully rinse and clean the empty toner bottle. Now fill it with 4-5 tbsp pure aloe vera juice and 100ml water, shake and place it in the fridge. After approx. 3 hours, your refreshing spray will be ready and waiting to cool you down! You should use the mixture within seven days.