We're not telling fairy tales, though. Try it and find out for yourself – our Beauty Oil made with the oriental guarantee for beauty, organic argan oil, is a true all-rounder! Whether you add it to your bath, use it as a massage oil or to remove your make-up, you will find the best tricks for using our Satin Secret Beauty Oil here:

  • For silky smooth skin

    ... apply the Beauty Oil after a bath or shower whilst your skin is still moist and gently massage in. This will not only nurture your skin but will also prevent it from drying out.

  • For a relaxing bath

    …simply pump the oil 2-3 times, adding it to the running bath water and...relax! The Beauty Oil will nurture your skin whilst you are bathing and the fragrance will give you the ultimate 'hamam' feeling. You can also click here for our wellness tip for a pampering bath treatment.

  • For a massage

    …warm up the Beauty Oil in your hands, rub across the back and then gently massage it in. Simply stroke away any tension and everyday stress!

  • For make-up removal

    …put a few drops onto a moistened cotton wool pad and gently wipe across the area around your eyes. Make-up and particles of dirt will be gently removed and the eyelashes given a little special care.

  • For treating the dry ends of your hair

    ...dispense a drop of oil in your hands and rub into the hair down to the ends. The high grade oils will nurture the dry ends. Be careful not to overdo it – too much could lead to greasy hair.

We hope you have lots of fun trying out our Beauty Tricks! And in case you have any beauty hacks of your own – feel free to contact us via our contact form or Instagram! Maybe you can help us to collect 1001 tips for our oriental superstar :)