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We are a small team. And we have a big assignment – to make the world a little bit more beautiful.

With the very finest natural cosmetics. With alviana.

Day by day, alviana gives you the great feeling of fresh, natural skincare – in the best quality, at an affordable price and conceived to suit a wide range of different skin types.

alviana's products are developed by a team of enthusiastic fans of natural beauty, strong advocates of quality and innovators brimming with new ideas.

By us – Stefanie, Angéline, Katja, Charlotte, Stephanie, Sarah and Josephine. Your alviana team.


Have we made you curious? Find out more here:

My name is Stefanie Müllers

… and I have been head of the team here at alviana since 2007.

My conviction:
"People need two kinds of beauty, one on the inside and the other on the outside."
(Elisabeth Sigmund)

My favourite product:
Our Lip Balm Sensitive – smooth and sumptuous care for super delicate skin, and gives a slight shine to your lips.

My name is Angéline Chaouat

… and I deal with our trading partners and with purchasing for our beauty products here at alviana Naturkosmetik. I have been here since September 2014..

My conviction:
"There isn't a path to happiness. Being happy is the path."

My favourite product:
My absolute favourite product is our Lip Balm Classic. I always have it with me, from morning to night. I never have dry lips! 

My name is Katja Laforsch

... and I have been here since February 2017 providing support in the area of Customer Development at alviana Naturkosmetik.

My conviction:
"Be – don't try to become."

My favourite product:
My favourite is our Hand Cream Repair & Care Hands. Every now and then throughout the day, I treat my hands to some sumptuous care.

My name is Charlotte Helmrath

... and I´m in productmanagement since 2017.

My conviction:
"The world is like a book. Those who never travel only see one page."
(Augustinus Aurelius)

My favourite product:
Our Cleansing Wipes Organic Aloe Vera – for straightforward cleansing when you are out and about.

My name is Stephanie Kern

… and I have been team assistant at alviana Naturkosmetik since January 2019.

My conviction:
"No one has ever become poor by giving."
(Anne Frank)

My favourite product:
The Satin Secret Beauty Oil is my new favourite product – from head to toe a fragrant all-rounder!