The COSMOS standard was developed at an international level by BDIH, COSMEBIO, ECOCERT, ICEA and the SOIL Association to establish and continuously develop common criteria and definitions for organic and natural cosmetics. The COSMOS standard offers two signatures for natural cosmetic products: COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL. For each product, the label is based on the percentage of organic ingredients in the total product. The percentage is also indicated on the packaging. The signature appears under the logo of the responsible certifier. For alviana articles, the signature can be found under the BDIH logo on the front of the product (e.g. solid shampoos).

In order to meet the standard, the products cannot use:
- synthetic fragrances or colouring agents
- ingredients based on mineral oils
- radioactive irradiation of ingredients as well as end products
- raw materials from dead animals
- animal experiments in the manufacturing process, during development or in the testing of the end products

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