The greater part of the alviana natural cosmetics range is vegan and is labelled with the vegan flower symbol. The vegan flower symbol is a seal of quality and represents a guarantee that both the product itself and the production process used are free of animal components and have not been subject to animal testing.

The vegan flower is awarded by the Vegan Society in England and is considered to be an international standard. In the German-speaking area, the Vegan Society is represented by the Vegan Society Austria which is based in Vienna.

In order to be awarded this seal of quality, certain standards must be fulfilled:

- no animal products, animal by-products or derivatives of animal products may be used for the manufacture and/or the development of the product.

- The manufacture and/or the development of the product may not have caused or cause any form of animal experimentation or testing carried out on animals.

- Products that have been genetically modified must be labelled as such.

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