• DIY gentle wash for laundry and environment!

What does a commercially available detergent actually consist of? More and more people are asking themselves this question and the answer is usually... nothing good. From negative influences on the environment, into which the remains are drained after washing, up to irritating or even toxic characteristics of the contents everything is possible. What can be detected immediately is that the list of ingredients is extremely long. For everyone who wonders how laundry became clean without the chemical industry we have the answer. We will show you how to make an effective and gentle washing powder from only three ingredients.

You need:

  • a piece of alviana vegetable oil soap lemongrass

  • 150 g washing soda

  • 150 g sodium bicarbonate

  • if you have hard water where you live, you can add 100 g of dishwasher salt to soften the water and increase the effect of the powder

This is what to do:

Finely grate the soap, then pour all the ingredients into a container and mix thoroughly. It is important that the jar is tightly sealable to protect the powder from moisture.

How to use it:

You don't have to get used to big changes here. Simply put 1-2 tablespoons with the laundry in the drum and wash as usual. For white laundry you can add some citric acid, which has a water-softening and at the same time slightly bleaching effect. You should therefore not use it for dark and colored laundry. However, here you can add a dash of table vinegar through the softener compartment, which dissolves fine limescale deposits on the fibres and ensures cuddly soft laundry. Don’t worry, the smell disappears directly.