• The cosiest place to take a bath? Your own home.

There are moments when the bath tub smiles at you in a particularly inviting way. And it is simply the best answer to a hectic day at work, cold and wet weather outside or a long hiking trip:

A lovely, warm, scented bath. When all you need to do is just let go and enjoy...your bath tub is waiting for you.

Here's how to really spoil yourself in the bath:

Add around 50 ml of alviana Ocean Minerals Shower Gel and two to three teaspoonfuls of Alnatura Coconut Oil to the bath water. The ideal water temperature is 36 to 38 degrees Celsius – any hotter is not good for your circulation and your skin. We recommend staying in the bathtub for 15 to 20 minutes. After the bath, spend some time in a calm, cosy atmosphere for even deeper relaxation. And how often should you treat yourself to a bath? Well, they say one or two baths a week is about right. But if you should have a third one every now and then, you can salve you conscience by reminding yourself that we tend to take less baths in summertime.

You will need:


As an alternative to alviana Ocean Minerals Shower Gel, you can of course use any other alviana shower products, for example, our Flower Shower Gel. Which fragrance do you prefer?