• Step by step to soft and tender feet.

Your feet bring you to your goals step by step, they give you stability and keep you grounded. They give you a solid foundation on the earth. Yet at the same time, they also have a sensitive side – a tender touch or a tickle on the sole of your foot will soon have you laughing.

Your feet do a lot for you – pay them back every now and then with a little wellness treatment – an exfoliating scrub for your feet. The massage effect will relax your feet, the circulation in the skin on your feet will improve and they will be freed from dead skin cells. The result – your skin will feel soft and smooth.

It's very easy to make the scrub yourself – mix together two level tablespoonfuls of Alnatura Sea Salt with the same quantity of alviana Foot Cream with organic sage. Then apply the scrub evenly to your feet and massage it in with gentle circular movements. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. For even smoother feet, round off your treatment by applying alviana Foot Cream or alviana Corneal Balm organic echinacea after the scrub.


Once a week.

You will need: